SAP Guest Blogging #StammtischBCN



As you can see, we inaugurate our blog section, this will be a community blog to spread the SAP world.
The idea is that our colleagues that are regulars at SAPStammtisch events in discord group have the possibility to publish entries in the new «Blog» section of this website.

The motivation is to share knowledge within the SAP community, the requirements for publish content are:

  • It must be related to SAP product.
  • It must have a minimum content of 600 words.
  • You must provide a link to an official SAP website to reinforce the content.
  • It must include an original image, screenshot to avoid copyright problems.
  • The post will be signed with your name and social link profile.
  • Will be needed to have a link to your personal blog/website and/or preferred social network will be optionally added.


We will not ecept to publish the content if we find anyone of the following:

  • Content copied from other sources will not be allowed.
  • It will be voted internally by sitbcn committee if the content can be publish or not.
  • Images may not include trademarks or company names.
  • Links cannot be from private companies.

The idea is to help share more information or news from the sector and to help all of us in this fantastic community that we are creating to promote ourselves professionally within the SAP world.

To send your publication request, you can use this Google drive form. wxgmd9 

Best regards,
StammtischBCN Team

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