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Learn and have fun!

In Spanish there is a saying that goes “Renovarse o morir”. It is something like “adapt or perish” but sometimes this change can be boring or not very motivating.

How do we learn and not die of boredom?

The answer is easy, play and learn. In this post I will explain some courses where you will learn by playing and what it can bring you within SAP.

How to learn Javascript

Javascript is present in many SAP solutions, you need to know this language to create a SAPUI5 Applications, add logic code into SAP Worklfows BTP or to create a new CAPm project.

How to learn SAPUI5

Although there is no game to learn SAPUI5, this mini-guide allows you to learn quickly the initial concepts, although I recommend you to take the courses of the previous points before.

https://sapui5.hana.ondemand .com/#/topic/3da5f4be63264d b99f2e5b04c5e853db

How to learn Java

As Javascript, Java is another common language in SAP. It is useful know this language to add login in iFlows (integration Suite – where grovy is used which is similar to Java) or to add custom login in CAPm.

How to learn GIT

GIT is not a language, GIT is software for tracking changes. You can track your code ABAP code on premise or your developments in BAS

Final remarks by Enric Castella

Finally, I’ll let you know how to put into practice some of the things learned in these courses.

You don’t need to to set up an entire environment, this page where you can program HTML + CSS + JS and see the results online:

If you know spanish, you can check Enric blog with more information: temas/desarrollo/

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